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Propose resolutions or bylaw amendments for discussion at the 2016 CMG convention

One of the most important part of the CMG’s biennial convention is the discussion of resolutions and amendments to the organization’s bylaws. These discussions shape the direction and policies of the organization, making sure that the Guild follows the will of its members.

A resolution directs the union to take a position on an issue or undertake a specific task. For example: “Be it resolved that the Canadian Media Guild lobby all federal political parties to support public broadcasting in Canada.”

A bylaw amendment changes the basic rules that the organization has set to govern itself. For example: “I move that bylaw 13.1 be amended to read “…every THREE years or when special circumstances warrant.”

A resolution or a bylaw amendment can be directed at the CMG as a whole, or in the case of the CBC branch, within that branch alone.

Any member in good standing of the CMG can put forward a resolution or bylaw amendment, whether or not he/she plans to attend the convention.

How do I go about proposing a resolution or bylaw amendment? 

First, think about what it is you want to do. Determine whether you want the organization to do something specific (resolution) or change the way it operates (bylaw amendment).

Then, articulate the proposition as clearly as possible, in writing. That will be the body of your motion.

Think of some simple, basic reasons why you believe your idea is appropriate or necessary. Set that out in one or more simple sentences. These will serve as the introduction or preamble to your motion – the “whereas”, for those of you who have done this before. You don’t need to go into a great deal of detail or flowery language; these sentences serve only to set out the basic rationale for your motion. The preamble isn’t actually part of the resolution or bylaw amendment itself.

When your motion is presented the preamble will come first, followed by the motion.

We’ve developed a form below to help you organize your thoughts and submit your motion to the right people. Once you’ve completed it, click on the “submit” button and your proposed motion will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for review. If the committee finds that the motion needs revision or clarification, you’ll be contacted. Once it’s ready it will be translated and included in the convention documents package.

Time limits and adoption 

We encourage members to submit their proposed resolutions or bylaw amendments as early as possible. Resolutions can be made from the convention floor, but it’s always better to submit them early so  delegates have an opportunity to consider them more fully before voting on them. Amendments to the CMG and CBC branch bylaws, on the other hand, cannot be submitted from the convention floor. They must be submitted by Monday, April 4th, 2016.

A resolution passes if a simple majority (i.e. more than half of the delegates voting) votes in favour. Bylaw amendments must pass by a two-thirds majority. Bylaw amendments that deal with dues or with the amending process itself can’t be passed at the convention and must be submitted to a referendum of the full membership.

Click here for the resolution form >>

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