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The Canadian Press Quebec Parental Insurance Plan

The Quebec Parental Insurance Plan is in effect as of January 1, 2006. How does it affect employees in Quebec?

For 2006, the federal EI premiums will be lower than those for other Canadians, but a provincial QPIP premium will be implemented. The maximum insurable earnings will be higher, which will increase a staffer’s deductions. For an employee earning $57,000+ the combined federal EI and the QPIP annual deduction will be $833.82. For an employee in the other provinces, the annual EI deduction will be $729.30. This means that there will be an increase in premiums of $104.52 a year. You will see two deductions on your pay slip, one for the federal EI and one for the QPIP.

However, this increased cost will result in enhanced maternity / parental / adoption benefits. Employees will have the option of of either of the following depending if a parent wants a shorter period at a higher amount or a longer period at a lower amount. An employee will continue to be entitled to a maximum of 52 weeks of leave of absence as specified under the Canada Labour Code and the union contract:

QPIP Basic Plan                                 QPIP Special Plan

  Maternity          18 weeks at 70%                                15 weeks at 75%
            7 weeks at 70% plus 25 at 55%         25 weeks at 75% 
           5 weeks at 70%                                  3 weeks at 75%
           12 weeks at 70% plus 25 at 55%        28 weeks at 75%

Unlike the federal plan, there is no waiting period.

This plan covers all employees and now includes self-employed and a paternity leave option.

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