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Guild Retirees – a better retirement, a better life

Consider joining the union’s Retiree Chapter.

As you may know, the Canadian Media Guild is affiliated with CWA/SCA Canada. Together we have set up a Retiree Chapter.

It’s a way to stay connected to former work colleagues through social events, supporting the union and community work. Staying a union member can also provide savings when you buy health, home, auto and travel insurance as well as other benefits.

Joining the CWA-SCA Retiree Chapter allows you to work with the CMG on mutual goals, such as maintaining and improving pensions and health and welfare benefits for all workers. We would also welcome your help on advocacy activities such as campaigning for support of public broadcasting and on other media issues.

We are members of the broader labour movement, including the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, and we know what a powerful force for good organized retirees can be to help ensure government policies protect labour rights; improve our communities; and do not harm senior citizens.

You can download an application form here. For more information, contact Gerry Jones at  gerry.jones@sympatico.ca.

Thank you for staying involved in your union!

Wishing you well in all things…

Carmel Smyth,
National President

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