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Freelance Fridays! and more services for CMG Freelance members

There are some exciting changes underway at CMG that are all about supporting freelance members, including a new, hands-on workshop series called “Freelance Fridays
The first workshop on Accounting and Taxes for Freelancers with Sunny Widerman is this Friday, February 7. Send an email to datejie@cmg.ca to register, with “Registering for FF Workshop” in the subject line.

We want you to know about your full entitlement to the union’s activities, training and support services, including advice about contracts you sign with engagers. Members can sign up for affordable group health benefits, and take advantage of our online training service (write to info@cmg.ca for informtion on accessing this service).

CMG is also continuing its popular online forum for freelancer discussion, debate and advocacy thestoryboard.ca. And we’ll soon be adding cmgfreelance.ca – a dedicated website to better support you, reflect your talents and increase your exposure to engagers, as well as each other. The Story Board has been a great tool for freelancers to share information on trouble spots in the industry and make changes.

To make sure we’re not missing anything you need, we want to hear from you:

-What type of workshop topics would you like us to cover?
-What are your top challenges in your field?
-What engager practices or industry trends are hampering your chance at a decent, balanced, livelihood?
-We’d love to have your views on these and other questions in order to help us serve you better.

Yours in solidarity,

datejie cheko green
CMG Organiser in charge of freelance workers
Office:  1-800-465-4149 ext 239
mobile: 1-416-702-6822

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