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Help make our workplace healthy and welcoming for everyone

CMG is offering an online workshop on improving workplace behaviour, and new strategies colleagues can use to stop bullying and discriminatory behaviour or comments.

Participants will learn how to recognize problems and stand up for a constructive atmosphere that respects everyone’s rights to a positive work experience.

This 3-hour virtual session runs Tuesday, March 8, 2022 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Topics covered include:

– What is a “workplace bystander”?
– What is a “passive” versus “active” bystander or upstander?
– What are “bystander interventions” and how can we use them in a way to make the workplace environment positive?
– What are the factors that contribute to a person’s decision to intervene or not intervene, including, the “Bystander Effect”?
– What are the consequences of bystander passivity (i.e., not intervening)?
– How to choose an appropriate intervention in light of:
   – Desired level of involvement
   – Immediacy of threat or risk
– Intervention strategies
– Please RSVP to terri@cmg.ca with the subject line: Bystander Training

This training session will be in English. If you are interested in having this training in French, please also let us know (terri@cmg.ca).

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