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Upcoming training for CMG members at CBC

Over the last year the CMG has been working on improving harassment reporting processes, as well as working with CBC to ensure that anyone with concerns gets the support they need.

There are two initiatives currently available, we hope will help.

CMG is working on a bystander training program called “Encourage, support, act” which will be available for Guild members in the fall. We have also updated our internal procedures, and we will be continuing member and volunteer education.

In addition, CBC / Radio-Canada now has in place a Bullying and Harassment Helpline (1-844-202-2722) and has launched a mandatory online training course for employees.  We understand taking this may be time consuming and we have discussed this with CBC. If you feel that you don’t have time in your workday to complete the training module because of your current workload, ask your supervisor to schedule a time when you can do this.

We all benefit by increased awareness of the behaviours that can be experienced and perceived as bullying, and the negative impacts on individuals, on bystanders and on a group.

We encourage you to support each other at work. If you or anyone you know experience harassment, please contact your local union executive or a CMG staff representative directly (CMG Office number: 416-591-5333).

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