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VICE Branch – Union Lunch & Learn Drop-in Sessions – Starting THIS WEEK!

Hello CMG members at VICE!
It’s been almost a year since we ratified our Collective Agreement! To mark the occasion, the Branch Executive and our Staff Reps at the CMG are hosting a series of Lunch & Learn drop-in sessions over the coming weeks. These sessions are intended to open up a dialogue between members and union representatives – we want to answer questions, dive into what the CBA really means for everyone, reassure people that they have rights and protections at work, and that they have someone they can talk to openly and honestly about their concerns at work.
Our first Lunch & Learn Drop-in will be THIS WEEK! Here are the details:
WHEN: Thursday, April 19. Come by any time between 12:00 and 2 p.m.
WHERE: 219 Dufferin St., 2nd Floor, Suite 208B (just down the street from our office)
FOOD: We’ll have lunch available! Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions/allergies, please
WHY: Members can bring ANY questions they have, but this week we’ll be focusing on:

-Job classifications
-Expense reimbursements
-Freelancers & Contract workers (including hiring processes and status within the union)

The past few months at the VICE office have been stressful for a lot of us. We’re hoping these Thursday sessions will be an opportunity to reassure members that they have rights, they have support, and if they are concerned or scared, they have people nearby who have their backs.
Please encourage your colleagues to drop by! And please come yourselves!!!
NOTE FOR MONTREAL – We’ll be organizing similar sessions near you guys very soon! Stay tuned for updates!!
Upcoming sessions will cover the following topics, so keep Thursday lunch-hours free in your calendars!

-Overtime, Lieu time, Vacation time, Sick days, Leaves of absence, Alternative work schedules (self-assignment, etc), Benefits
-Layoffs, Bumping, Severance, Recall List
-Grievances (individual and group) and steps towards filing one, Discipline, Health and Safety, Pay Equity
-Outside work, Conflicts of interest, Editorial Independence
-Role of the Union, Role of the Stewards and Union Volunteers, Union Dues (why do we pay, what do we get out of it?)

See you then!

Your Branch Executive Team
Maggie (President)
Javiera (Vice President)
Lisi (Secretary, Treasurer)
Steph (Quebec Director) 

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