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What makes me hungry to be here ? – A poem by the class of 2013

DR2 Class Photo Nov 2013


I’m hungry to further hone my knowledge,
To develop resolution skills,
To be supportive without taking sides.
To make Gabi happy!
To gain knowledge and power – my thirst for both.
Knowledge is power!

It’s about personal growth,
Personal and professional.
And opportunities for sharing.
I’m hungry to learn how to deal with anger
In myself and others.
I’m not always right.

I’m hungry to grow as union president,
To find the courage to be a leader,
To be open and honest,
To get more involved.
It’s what unions are about.

I’m hungry to prepare for the storm of negotiation
Especially in technology.
To help calm tensions at work and home.
To win arguments with my wife!

I’m hungry to help those who can’t help themselves
To influence my team in a positive way,
To be supportive without taking sides,
To be a team builder,
To create a better workplace.

I’m hungry to put theory into action,
To speak out!
For an opportunity to facilitate change.
To facilitate peace.I must manage my time.
It’s never too late to learn a thing or two.


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