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Vice-President CBC/Radio-Canada Branch Executive Council (BEC) Election – Candidate’s profile: Karina Roman

I walked in my first picket line when I was 10. My grade 4 class and I “went on strike” with signs and placards because our elementary school administration forced us go outside for recess in the pouring rain (school policies were a little different in the 1980s). 

I am Karina Roman and I am running for the position of Vice President on the CBC Branch Executive.

As a parliamentary journalist, I am keenly aware of the precarious position CBC is in because of the political climate in Ottawa and beyond. I believe that insight would be an asset to the BEC, heading into a federal election in 2025. The union needs strong voices advocating for public broadcasting in Canada.

Over the years, I have represented my fellow CBC employees in a number of ways. I have served on Ottawa’s local executive committee (LEC) as the English VP, and later on the CBC branch executive committee (BEC) as Ontario Director. A particular passion of mine is helping temporary employees, having been one myself for 7 years at the beginning of my CBC career. I helped create a joint temp committee in Ottawa and ran annual workshops for temporary employees. As well, I helped develop a written explainer on temp benefits that has been used for temps across the country.

I have been a shop steward for more than a decade, acting as the first point of contact for members looking for answers and/or help. I’ve represented members in harassment investigations, disciplinary hearings and informal meetings with management.

I am a senior reporter in the parliamentary bureau but I am also a mother of two very busy girls. And so I have first hand experience with the challenges of work-life balance at the CBC. That’s an important perspective to have in a union representative. I am a team player and if elected I promise to make it a priority to improve the communication with members about what the union is doing and what is happening at the corporation. Please vote for me for vice president of the CBC national union committee.

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