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Benefits for temporary employees at CBC

Any employee, temporary, permanent or contract who is engaged for 13 weeks or longer should automatically be enrolled in CBC’s health and insurance benefits program as of March 19.?By now, employees the CBC believes now qualify, or will soon qualify, for the benefits should have received a letter from CBC.

Any employee who ultimately works 13 weeks or longer, regardless of whether they were initially hired for that length of time, should be included in the plan.??

To qualify, you must have worked for CBC for at least 13 weeks in a row at a minimum of four days per week. Once you’ve qualified for benefits, should you leave CBC and then return to work at least four days per week within the following 13 weeks after leaving, you should automatically be re-enrolled for benefits again without a waiting period.

If you believe that you now qualify for benefits but have not received confirmation from the CBC, contact your local Human Resources officer in writing.

If you are denied benefits, contact a member of your local Guild executive immediately or the national Guild office (info@cmg.ca). We will help you verify whether you should qualify for the plan.

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