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New job cuts at PMNA – Guild reps available to support members

PMNA has announced it will be cutting seven full-time equivalent positions in Calgary and in Toronto. CMG members will be affected by these cuts, and our union is here to provide guidance and advice to members who are impacted.

Our collective agreement with PMNA includes protections for union members facing layoffs, as well as provisions for the union and the company to negotiate voluntary departures.

Anyone who elects to take a voluntary layoff will receive the same severance package as an employee getting a layoff notice.

CMG union representatives are available to assist members and to discuss departure details for anyone interested in negotiating a voluntary layoff.

In addition to severance pay, permanent employees who are laid off, and do not elect to volunteer, will have access to bumping and recall rights.

The CMG, through CWA Canada, also offers union members assistance for training or education through free access to the online service LinkedIn Learning, and a $500 grant that can be used to help with personal or professional development.

You can find more information here.

CMG members will continue to support one another during this difficult time, and together, we will ensure everyone’s rights are respected.

For more information, contact CMG acting Staff Representative Scott Edmonds at: tsedmonds@yahoo.ca or 204-952-2570.

In solidarity,

Scott Edmonds
CMG’s acting Staff Representative

Mike Blanchfield (mike.blanchfield@gmail.com)
CMG President at CP

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