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Time off to get your vaccination shot

As vaccines roll out across the country, your union has been working to ensure everyone who needs time off for a COVID vaccination will have it. CMG has worked with CBC on the understanding the time will be treated as a medical appointment, and you can schedule the time with your manager for vaccination purposes. We encourage members who are able to get the shot to go ahead, as public health officials tell us this will help make the workplace safer for everyone.

During this critical public health crisis, CMG will continue to monitor CBC’s plans for a gradual return to work, and all its variations; our goal is to ensure safe and fair work environments for everyone. We will keep you updated with any developments .

If you are concerned about your assignment or work arrangement, please contact your local health and safety committee, or regional staff rep for guidance.

Below a list of information on COVID vaccination processes in each part of the country:


Northwest Territories








New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador

Kim Trynacity
CBC/Radio-Canada Branch President, Canadian Media Guild

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