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ZoomerMedia agrees to rollover our Collective Agreement for one more year

Dear CMG-ZML members,

Well, another season is in full swing and here we are still in unprecedented times. Like you, our priorities have been to keep safe and feel secure – especially now, as we weather the next phase of COVID-19 and further economic instability. Being able to rely on a steady paycheque is integral to managing this uncertainty, and so our union bargaining committee has been working diligently over the last two months to best serve members’ interests by protecting everyone’s job for another year.

We are pleased to let you know that ZoomerMedia’s current Collective Agreement
will be extended until August 31, 2021.

This means we will continue to be protected from the 20% salary cuts that ZoomerMedia has imposed on “non-essential” staff for the last seven months – and counting. Rest assured; your salary will not change for the duration of our C/A extension.

Especially in these uncertain times, our union is committed to opposing any salary cuts until and unless there is a demonstrated fairness in how they are delivered – starting from the top and rolling down appropriately and unilaterally across the board. Dividing the company into “essential” and “non-essential” team members is demoralizing and unfair.

Successful business is a two-way street; we want Zoomer to succeed as much as our employer does. But members should know that doesn’t mean the CMG will let an employer make ‘the little guy’ pay to save the company’s bottom line. We are proud to be dedicated, loyal and talented media professionals doing good work at ZoomerMedia. In a year’s time, when we hope our industry and our lives are back to normal, we look forward to another round of reasonable and meaningful bargaining.

Until then, we’ve got your back.

In solidarity,

Your CMG bargaining team at ZoomerMedia: Carolyn, Mike, Darren and Huong
CMG Staff Rep Julie-Anne Von Drejs (Julieanne@cmg.ca)

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