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Applications are now being accepted for the 2022-2023 Ron Pambrun Scholarship

The Ron Pambrun Scholarship, valued at $2,000 per year, was created by NABET in the 1980s to honour the memory of Ron Pambrun, one of the founding members and builders of NABET in Canada. Until his passing, in 1984, Ron was an active and committed unionist. CMG took over administration of the award in 2004.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education among the children of CMG members. One new scholarship is awarded annually on a competitive basis. The selection of the scholarship recipient is determined by the Pambrun family based on academic achievement. CMG has no influence in choosing the recipient.

The scholarship is renewable for up to three subsequent years, or until the scholarship holder obtains a first undergraduate degree, whichever comes first, on the condition that the student maintain satisfactory academic progress.

How to apply:

The application package includes 2 forms. The candidate must complete the application form marked “Part 1”. The candidate needs to have a representative of the institution he/she attended during the school year 2021-2022, to complete the application form marked “Part 2”. Both forms must be received before 5 p.m. EST on June 30, 2022. Transcripts may be submitted at the same time or follow as soon as possible. It is preferable to receive the transcripts directly from the institution. The selection of the recipient will be announced in August 2022.

The application package may be downloaded in any of the two available formats:

Fillable PDF Form

Non-fillable PDF Form


All children, including adopted children, stepchildren and wards in legal guardianship of current, retired or deceased members of the Canadian Media Guild are eligible to apply for the Ron Pambrun Scholarship.

• Applicants must be entering or enrolled in a full-time program at a qualifying institution in the year of application.

• The scholarship is tenable at all Canadian educational institutions which have provincial degree-granting powers, or their affiliates, and at recognized Canadian university-transfer colleges.

• There are no restrictions on the program of study or discipline selected by the applicant, provided that courses taken satisfy degree requirements.

• Applicants must have completed the secondary-level course work required for admission to the qualifying institution of their choice, and must have obtained a minimum academic standing of C+ (or equivalent) in their final-year courses.

• Applicants must be prepared to accept the scholarship in the year in which it is awarded; no deferrals are allowed.

For instance, candidates who graduate from high school/CEGEP in June would make application for the scholarship in the year of graduation. Candidates who graduate in December would make application for the scholarship in the year following graduation. Students who have commenced their post-secondary studies in January are eligible for the competition in the same calendar year.

• All candidates are responsible for ensuring that official transcripts from their previous academic year are sent to the Guild as soon as possible. If a candidate has written provincial exams he/she should ask the provincial or territorial Ministry of Education to forward an official transcript to the Guild to ensure receipt as soon as the transcript is available.

• The scholarship recipient is entirely responsible for making arrangements for, and meeting requirements of, admission to the post-secondary institution of his/her choice.

• There is no limit to the number or value of other awards which scholarship winners may hold.

Payment of the scholarship and renewal:

The scholarship recipient must submit proof of registration at the qualifying institution of his/her choice for the scholarship to become payable. Upon confirmation, the Guild will forward payment directly to the educational institution on the student’s behalf. No money is given to the student.– Scholarship holders must maintain a full-time course of study that satisfies the degree requirements in each year of their program.

– It is the obligation of scholarship holders to maintain satisfactory academic progress while holding the scholarship. This means that students must successfully complete their academic year, passing all courses, in order to be considered for renewal. Grades or marks obtained in supplementary or repeated examinations in the same academic year, including summer sessions, will be considered. The Guild will exercise reasonable discretion in the consideration of other circumstances that may affect a student’s academic performance.

– When a student is taking undergraduate courses prior to studies for a first professional degree such as law, medicine, education, etc., the scholarship holder may qualify for each year of the qualifying program plus the following year(s) towards the professional degree itself. In no event will the scholarship be paid beyond the maximum of four consecutive academic years.

– Scholarship holders must provide the Guild with official transcripts at the end of each academic year.

– Scholarship holders must provide the Guild with proof of registration, showing the student’s number and full name at the beginning of each academic year.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or the application process, please contact us at : info@cmg.ca or by phone at 1-800-465-4149 or 416-591-5333.

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