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Nominate a colleague for the Guild’s Meritorious Service award

Do you know a fellow CMG member who has worked with the union to make a real difference in your workplace? If so, nominate that person for an award!

The CMG is accepting nominations for our Meritorious Service Award until Monday March 27, 2006. We plan to present the award at the CMG convention in Calgary at the end of April.

The CMG Meritorious Service Award is presented to outstanding Guild members who have served the union and membership on a long-term basis, sacrificing personal and professional time, and who have completed projects of extraordinary benefit to the membership as a whole.

Nominations may come from the membership, the executive or members of the Selection Committee. For nominations to be considered, they must be accompanied by an explanation from the nominator about why the member deserves the award. Nominations should be addressed to the Award Selection Committee at guild@interlog.com, and include answers to the questions below:

1. What have been the main achievements and accomplishments of the candidate in serving the Guild?

2. Give us some specific examples of ways the candidate has been effective. How have they made a difference to you or others around you? For example, have they been instrumental during a crucial time in some way? Have they demonstrated leadership skills? If so, how?

3. How many years has the person you are nominating served the Guild?

4. In what capacities/on what committees have they served? Are there any other people on those committees who should be contacted by us to talk about your candidate?

5. If relevant, has the person been involved in other labour-related activities outside the Guild?

The selection committee will be appointed by the Guild’s National Executive Committee. Because it is the highest honour bestowed by the union, the Meritorious Service Award will not be given unless judged by the National Executive to be warranted.

CMG staff and members of the National Executive Committee are not eligible for the Meritorious Service Award.

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