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A Salute to CMG Volunteers

These remarkable CMG volunteers were recognized by their colleagues and celebrated at the 2014 CMG Convention fro their tremendous contribution to our union.

Annick Forest

Annick is funny, fearless, and opinionated! She can have a room screaming or laughing in seconds, and agree or not, she respects your right to your opinion too. Articulate and gregarious Annick has devoted years and energy to increasing union support. She is a past local president and is currently on the CBC national executive committee.

Arnold Amber

Arnold is an admired, respected, outspoken, and often quoted proponent of better journalism, quality media, better protection, and improved working conditions for journalists in Canada and around the world.

Bob Carty

Bob has been a radio documentary producer at CBC Radio (Sunday Morning, This Morning, The Current, and The Sunday Edition) since 1981. Among his awards are a Peabody, a Gabriel, multiple CAJ awards for investigative journalism, and a special UN citation.

Bob is a board member of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and is the founder of IFEX (the International Freedom of Expression exchange)

Bob Sharpe

Bob has been involved in union activities for most of his almost 30 years at the CBC. There is no one in Newfoundland and Labrador that Bob has not affected, in one way or another… There is never member  issue presented that he is not willing to question, find the facts and go the distance for.

Bob Waller

For routinely outlasting CBC Management and “knowing where the bodies are buried” in his ground-breaking work on the Temp Project (which converted 300 temps to permanent jobs) and his 10 years doing CBC-wide Job Evaluation. And a special congratulations for his work editing the daily “On the Line” newsletter during the 2005 lockout — a must-read publication that was both influential and irreverent (just ask Stursberg).

 Brendan Elliott

Brendan was our local President during a time in which three of senior members were laid off. He is a two-time member of the national negotiation team for talks with CBC, and a two-term member of the national executive of CMG. Also served as Chair of an international committee of the Newspaper Guild of America.

Bruce Cheadle

Bruce always cut to the heart of the matter when it came to contract talks and was never afraid to speak his mind. I have a lot of admiration for him for those reasons. He’s been in the thick of union affairs for a long time and has always been a fearless spokesman for us.

 Chantal Payant

A long time radio reporter for SRC (CBC’s French service), Chantal is a fiery and passionate defender of human rights, a fearless and respected activist, who always has thoughtful insight to add to any debate. She has spent years on national executive committees, and is currently president of the Ottawa location.

Chris Turner

Chris brought us through contract negotiations a few years back and even now will assist employees with union related matters. Thank You for all your hard work!

Colin Preston

Colin is well known and respected by his colleagues; he is a force for good in the plant. A past secretary and executive member, Colin helped set Vancouver’s local on its feet and inspired a new generation of union leaders. For that, and your continue involvement we thank you.

Craig Wong

Without Craig, and his sharp mind and pencil, I believe the Guild member pension plan at The Canadian Press would be in far worse shape than it already was. Craig has an uncanny ability to get to the centre of an issue, call a spade a spade, and then set his mind to fixing whatever problems are in front of him. Smart, creative and willing to help out whenever needed, we thank Craig for his efforts to get through CP’s pension crisis.

Don Genova

Don has been instrumental in improving working conditions for freelance media workers in the industry. He is a long time freelance producer/reporter, who understands the challenges anyone brave enough to go this route encounters, and he spends copious amounts of his free time working on ways to make this workable.

 Edwin Terry

Edwin has spent the last ten years advocating on behalf of his colleagues and encouraging members to get involved. He was instrumental in organizing the two most successful Black History Month events ever held at CBC Toronto. He is a fantastic role model.

Elaine Janes

For her outstanding work on the branch’s grievance committee. Most notably for her outstanding work on the special committee that examined the abuse of temporary employees at the CBC. That work involved tracking hundreds of temporary employees and working with the CBC to convert more than 300 temps into full-time positions.

Ellen Armstrong

Ellen has been the friendliest union steward ever, for years now in Toronto. She spent hours of time and energy planning BBQ’s, and organizing the CMG’s best ever holiday parties. One of her project was to send cards and gift baskets to colleagues experiencing hardship.

Gail Young

In 2007 Gail joined the local Health and Welfare Committee. She initiated the highly successful Taking Care of U Wellness Fair. For 5 years Gail led this sub-committee and was able to grow the Fair into a signature event. Gail was the powerhouse behind the committee’s drive to make sure all employees had easy access to some of the latest and leading edge information to help them stay “well”.

Gaynette Spafford

She is currently CBC Branch Secretary. She is an energetic person who, simply put, gets stuff done. If she has something to do in her Secretary role, or for the various committees she serves on, action is quick, thorough, and sure to happen. Her work contributes greatly to the smooth running of the CBC Branch.

Gérard Malo

Gerard has been union activist for more than 20 years. He was the director of Francophone Affairs on the national executive committee, and a past location president. He was a passionate defender of the right of francophone members and is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

Glen Guérin

Glen Guerin is our most resourceful person; he’s our guy to go to. He’s very good about getting us information we’ve requested. He always keeps us in the loop. He is on the Health & Safety Committee, and not to forget that Glen took over the Black history, and Pride Parade.

Harry Mesh

For his outstanding work on the CMG Advocacy Committee, and for his involvement in the following at the CBC branch: bargaining committee, Performance Management and Staff Development program, and the creation of the CBC Committee policy document.

Ian Petrie

Ian is a “kind gentleman”, a diplomatic voice for reason, a man who doesn’t judge, and who helps everyone equally. Admired by his colleagues he has lead his team through many past labour disputes. He is a past local president, and someone everyone relies on and respects.

Jen Chen

Jen Chen recently joined the Local Executive in Vancouver as the Diversity Director. Bringing enthusiasm and a spirit for education, Jen prepared a fruitful document exploring initiatives to increase awareness of diversity in the workplace, and to encourage management to more actively build diversity at CBC in all levels of the corporation.

Kim Benoit

She took the lead in organizing journalists, directors and other contract workers and for  bringing the CMG to TV Ontario (back when TVO and TFO were still together). She has been involved with the union since at TFO, as a vice-president, member of committees and as part of the bargaining committee.

Lise Lareau

Lise has devoted as much time to the CMG as to her two children (teenagers now). She was the first national president, currently vice president, and on too many committees to count. She was nominated for a CWA (USA) award this year and awarded the CBC branch award for exceptional service. She continues to be a fearless and bold voice for increasing transparency, democracy and the positive force of unionization.

Louise Petitclerc

For many years now, Louise has given her heart and soul to her colleagues at the Ottawa station. She has sacrificed many years to union life in Ottawa, and we thank you for your support and hard work!

Marianne Malo-Chénard

She was Vice President 3 years ago (2011) when the president became ill. She stepped in for many months and lead the charge. She put in hundreds of hours away from her young family and served our members like they have never been served before. She was an amazing leader.


Matt Guerin

Matt is well known for his curating three successful Pride film festivals for CMG Toronto. Matt est bien connu pour son succès comme organisateur du festival des fils de la fierté pour GCM de Toronto.

Rob Vansickle

He has been a president at Zoomer for many years. He also adds great input at meetings with a willingness to step up on committees.

Robert Peladeau

He was hard working volunteer and President of the Ottawa Local. He deserves the recognition! He put long hours for the CMG cause, and for the resolution of many grievances. Also he was a positive leader, and full of enthusiasm.

Sally Pitt

Sally is a thorough (those producers), incredibly organized person, just what you need on any committee. She has facilitated national workshops and courses, and is a past local vice-president of many years.

Scott Edmonds

Scott is one of the most active and sought after additions to any CMG committee for his brain power and his keen grasp of by-laws, the history of the Guild, resolutions, procedures and ability to wade through legalese. He is currently vice-president Canada West of TNG-CWA, a CWA Canada director and a trustee of The Canadian Press Pension Plan for Guild members. He is a past national vice-president of CMG, past Branch leader at the Canadian Press and a seasoned negotiator.

Terry Pedwell

Long-time legislative reporter Terry Pedwell has been national president of the CP branch for 5 years. In 2011 he spent months locked in negotiations with management in one of the most contentious negotiation sessions ever with CP, uniting members in an incredibly moving show of unity and making remarkable gains at the table.

Tony Germin

Tony is a fierce defender of his colleagues and has been the CMG local president for years, and is currently a chief steward on the LEC. He serves on various CBC executive committees such as LJEC, SRC regional. He is well known by staff and management. He spends tremendous hours working for the rights of all Toronto members. He is dedicated, tireless, and determined; he strives to communicate a clear understanding of the issues at hand. One thing we love about Tony is that he may fall sometimes but he keeps getting back up and stronger than never before.

Vincent Proteau

Everyone in Winnipeg knows Vince as the go-to union guy. He is president of the local executive, designed and updates the CMG/ APTN website, and is on the national executive committee. He is creative, charismatic hardworking and a sympathetic listener who always tries to find innovative solutions.

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