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Welcome delegates and logging in to the convention portal

Hello CMG Convention delegate,

I am so happy to welcome you as a delegate to the CMG’s first Virtual convention this Friday and Saturday.
You’ll be voting on bylaw amendments and resolutions, speaking with your colleagues across the country, and learning about your collective agreement.

Our convention is an opportunity to share members’ ideas and views, and discuss our union’s future priorities.

I encourage you to log in to the convention portal, WHOVA, before Friday, using the link that was emailed to you.

If you need help, please contact Karyn Dumble, the facilitator who is running the online event for us: karyn@themonarchparkgroup.ca

If you are interested, there are still two remaining practice sessions later today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday). The Zoom link to the sessions was sent to you via email.

See you soon

Carmel Smyth
President | Présidente
Canadian Media Guild | La Guilde canadienne des médias

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