Mom’s hero

A Toronto couple just won a precedent setting court case that will help thousands of new moms. I’m proud to say the new dad is a CMG member. SR thought it was grossly unfair a woman on maternity leave who became ill (his wife was diagnosed & treated for breast cancer), couldn’t get extra paid time off for illness; that others NOT on mat leave could get. First he got mad, then they went to court. Now any other new mom who gets sick, may benefit! (as long as its not appealed)! SR says it bothered him to think that a single mom who gets ill, would be out the $6,000 she could have got from EI, on top of coping with sickness and a new baby. From his note to me; “one of the reasons I became involved in the union.. unions are one of the few organizations that can support such actions that lead to greater equality and justice”. Congrats and thank you SR, your lovely wife N, and baby Aris.–toronto-mom-with-breast-cancer-wins-ei-case?bn=1

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