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Call to Action for CBC/Radio-Canada on Tuesday, September 29 – show your commitment

This week, on September 29 and 30, the CBC Board of Directors is meeting in Winnipeg.

There are fewer than three weeks left in the federal election campaign, and this is perhaps the most important election yet in terms of the future viability of the CBC as a public broadcaster.

We are asking CMG members across the country to join together in support of our national public broadcaster and to demonstrate our commitment to our work. We are an integral part of the fabric CBC is made of.

We are a diverse group, that works in many different capacities, in many different places, and across many different platforms – radio, television, and online – woven together, to create the best public broadcaster that we can, given our dwindling resources.

Because we believe in CBC’s mandate, we are calling for increased and stable funding and also guaranteed independence for the public broadcaster.

Please click to hear what some CMG leaders are saying on that front:

Committed to CBC’s mandate – https://youtu.be/C6gnjkTsFqQ
Fidèles au mandat de Radio-Canada – https://youtu.be/be8HlBaNhCs

On September 29, please wear plaid to symbolize our vibrancy and diversity – within our workforce, within the CBC’s many different program offerings, and in relation to the many different languages we offer through our services.

We weave Canadian stories together, whether locally, nationally, or internationally, creating and reinforcing a larger tapestry that is Canada.

Let’s wear this diversity with pride and show our supporters that although we have some threadbare patches, we are doing all that we can to keep the fabric of CBC vibrant and strong – so it is able to go on for many more generations of Canadians to come.

Let’s Champion Public Broadcasting!

#ChampionCBC #DéfendonsSRC​



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