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FAQ on teleworking at CBC/Radio-Canada

The Guild held a national townhall last week and it was important to hear from the members who attended and shared their ideas.

It is no surprise that there are a lot of questions still to be answered regarding the CBC return-to-the workplace plans.

We continue to work to find answers to the many issues that are coming up for members on this and other issues, and we will keep everyone updated on developments.

In the meantime, we thought it’d be helpful to share this FAQ on teleworking at CBC/Radio-Canada so that everyone – including those who did not attend the townhall – has access to this information.

As we continue to monitor the situation at CBC/Radio-Canada, please contact your regional staff rep with any information you would like to share – we will require hard data to formulate a collective response.

In solidarity,

Kim Trynacity
CMG CBC/Branch President

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